Watercolor Bascis
September 22 - 23
9:30 - 4:00
Helen Day Art Center
Stowe, VT


This beginning or refresher course is geared for students with limited or no experience with watercolor painting, as well as those who wish to review the fundamentals. We will explore the unique properties of this magical medium through transparent washes and layering, mingled washes, incorporating shapes of untouched paper for brilliance, and brushwork. You will gain a solid foundation for whatever path you take with watercolor by learning these FUNdamental skills. Discussion of materials, color theory, and the history of watercolor painting are included as we begin with a solid foundation of monochromatic exercises, and then explore two and three color exercises and simple compositions. Group critiques, individualized instruction, and demonstrations are included. No drawing skills are required. Material list provided.

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